Spanish Food Products Import & Distributor in Miami

Miami food distributor
  • $ 280.000 USD
  • Location:


  • Excellent Product Selection, Great Experience, Client Portfolio, access possibilities to new lines of Spanish
  • Established since 2010 (7 years active).
  • Spanish owner, recognized manufacturer of Olive Oil in Andalusia, He keeps his business in Spain and travels to Miami every 30 or 45 days and visits his business for about 1 week. His local partner in Miami retired in March 2016. The business is managed by the manager who works with him since 2010 and has extensive knowledge of the market and product (not only Spanish but in general). The business needs a more focused approach given that the owner spends a lot of time in Spain. The current salesman is excellent at keeping current customers.
  • The owner would be willing to collaborate getting new product segments in Spain and is willing to listen to ideas, proposals and
  • This business is ideal for people or companies in the distribution sector who want to expand their current business or for those who have the possibility to expand it by incorporating more variety of products into the current portfolio and expand it outside the current area of action that is limited to Portfolio of Products currently: Olive Oil in different types and sizes of containers (own brand), canned preserves, tuna, octopus, sardines, cockles, sardines in olive oil, squid, mussels, stuffed squid, albacore in Olive oil, etc (own brand). Condiments: Paprika in different types of packaging (small and industrial by sacks), Saffron, Stir-fry, etc. Olives in different formats of packaging, from small to industrial. Rice for paellas. Etc….
  • Clients: 107 Clients (Restaurants, Mini Markets, Liquor Store, )
  • Inventory: $ 75,000 minimum and always paid / no debts
  • Office + Warehouse all air-conditioned with A / (2,150 Square Feet + wooden mezzanine) Machinery + Furniture. Rent: $ 950.00 Monthly.
  • Number of Employees: 2 Fixed (Manager + Salesman)
  • Licenses and Permits: Everything necessary to operate according to the mandatory (Verification available).
  • FDA: Access to FDA Certifications to be able to import food products to They are experts and know perfectly the mandatory procedures by the US authorities.
Price:$280.000 USD

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