High Technology Company in USA

  • Company was incorporated in Delaware in Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland with R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 25 global patents covering key technologies
  • Company Validated by US Department of Homeland Security and others certifications conditions.
  • Present and operating in 14 countries.
  • Company provides turn-key wireless solutions that monitor the location, condition, status and utilization of assets in severe outdoor environments and other hazardous and austere operating conditions.
  • Company delivers all hardware, software, systems engineering and program management services needed to deploy these turn-key solutions which provides customers with the information needed to ensure the integrity, quality and availability of assets important to their business operations.
  • Company provides information and asset integrity systems that validate the condition, use and handling of high value assets across the supply chain.
  • Organizations seeking confirmation that assets arrive at their destination intact turn to this company for the most cost- effective solution in the marketplace.
  • Combines physical security to deter theft and tampering with status information to ensure proper handling, compliance, custody and supply chain efficiencies, Electronic chain of custody, Electronic audit Trail, Physical security , Reliable maintenance-free operation, Long-life reusable seals and sensors, Wireless connectivity and visibility, Comprehensive Enterprise Software Platform.
  • Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS)
    • Customers are National Customs & Revenue Collection Authorities, forwarders, insurances, High Value Carriers, transporters, truck companies, etc.
  • Tanker Truck Monitoring Systems (TTMS)
    • Customers are large industrial fuel users and major oil companies TTMS is mandatory in many countries
  • Container Port & Terminal Monitoring 
    • Customer Ports & Terminals worldwide
  • Total 24 employees
Price:$35,000,000 USD

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