Hair products Kiosk

Mall Kiosk for sale
  • Price includes: Corporation, Business, Licenses, Permits, Contracts, Stock, Equipment… (everything)
  • Established since January 2016
  • High Growth Capacity
  • Excellent location in an important shopping center.
  • Big traffic of potential buyers 5000 to 15000 daily.
  • Sale of professional products for hair care.
  • Exclusivity of sale of products in shopping centers of Miami (by Contract)
  • Type of franchised business.
  • Rental agreement of $ 7,550 per month plus 1% sales overbilling of more than $ 30,000. Renewable annually
  • Contract agreement with the shopping mall can not have competitors with hair care products in your area, aisle and nearby areas.
  • Employees: 12 people in the work team. 8 salesmen, 2 shift managers, and 2 technicians.
  • They have a private bathroom located in front of the point of sale in the shopping center, where they perform hair washing demonstrations and product tests.
  • Annual sales 2016 in Income Tax of $ 513,260 with more than 35%of profit.

The Product

✓Made in Brazil.
✓Made with 100% natural products.
✓The first shampoo that smoothes hair in the world.
✓Other creams and more professional products for hair care.
✓Wide range of documentation and printed explanatory material.

Price:$125.000 USD

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