Gas Station in Doral Miami Real Estate Included

•      Excellent location in the City of Doral
  • Second largest growing city in Florida and third in the nation.
  • Located on one of the main arterial streets of the City of Doral.
  • This business is a “reference” in the community of the area because of its age and recognition.
  • CHEVRON Gas Station: Offer of 3 levels of Gasoline + Diesel Octane
  • Shop: First Need Assortment + Lottery Point + Small Cafeteria + etc
  • Restaurant: Venezuelan food, high traffic of public, point of meeting of businessmen
  • Car Wash: Hand wash, Use of environmentally friendly products, Large number of daily services
  • Land: 79,617 Square Feet (7,400 Square Meters)
  • Building: 10,006 Square Feet (930 Square Meters)
  • There are no mortgage debts.
  • Total Annual Sales Income: $ 2,100,000


•      There is a project with existing plans and permits with licenses to make small warehouses for rent or own use.
  • There is an economic proposal of the Group 7 Eleven with the intention of renting Gas Station and Store for a period of 25 years at a rate of $ 168.000 per year.
  • Car Wash is currently rented.
  • Business with great capacity and possibilities of expansion.
Price:$6,900,000 USD

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