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Maria De Los Angeles Chavez born in Cuba but has lived in South Florida since her early childhood. As a resident of Miami, she has been an exceptional witness of the dynamic changes that the “magic city” has suffered in the last decades. Maria excelled in her academic performance so has to succeed in obtaining a doctorate degree in Medicine and a bachelor degree in Psychology. After running a health care clinic, Maria felt thrilled by the explosive growth of the real estate sector in Miami and decided to explore the many opportunities that were springing up the Market. Starting as an investor she moved her passion to becoming a realtor and now, to tell a history short, Maria has developed a huge expertise in the field of residential and commercial real estate as well as in the business opportunities sphere. During her fructiferous tenure as a realtor, Maria has developed her passion for mentoring and coaching upcoming realtors in the field. Likewise, Maria has joined the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where she is an active member.